Our Programs Redefine Office Productivity.


Quickly boost productivity with Protecting Time® staff productivity enhancement programs. These programs have been successfully facilitated across the country in enterprise and practice environments.

These are the programs that generate additional time for high performers … without involving the doctor, dentist, chiropractor, business owner, entrepreneur, manager or attorney in the training process. The impact is genuine and almost immediate, because hourly staff members hold the key to increased office productivity. Our programs teach them the tools of the trade that high-value professionals take for granted. For hourly staff, these techniques are literally rocket science.

Our Productivity Program Packages allow you to purchase an affordable program for your team. Our staff facilitates the program via webinar; we send your attendees the program materials as downloadable files. There's no travel required, minimal downtime for your staff, and you'll see an almost-immediate increase in productivity. Attendees continually tell us that our programs have a company impact the likes of which they've never seen.

Learn more about our productivity-enhancing programs by downloading the brochure:

Our Productivity Program Packages offer a complete, affordable solution that will help business owners and other busy professionals find an extra 30 minutes per day or more.

Protecting Time® also offers professional programs for executives, managers and work teams. Contact us for more information. Just click here.

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