In the Mirror: The Reluctant Salesman.



The Reluctant Salesman isn't just the best new idea in personal and professional development over the past 50 years.

It's the only new idea.

Most of us are the epitome of The Reluctant Salesman. We just haven't given up the old ways of selling ourselves and what we do ... and why we would we? After all, the old ways have always served us well.

That's not true, of course. The 'old ways' of selling ourselves, our products and our ideas have not served us well. Pressure to succeed and need to generate income have robbed us of the essential elements of productive selling: Integrity, responsibility, commitment and enrollment. The process of regaining those four things gives each of us the freedom to sell ... and to be good at it.

The Reluctant Salesman offers three day-long, event-based group classes: 10 New Clients, which delivers what it promises, 1st Principles, which helps salespeople rediscover why they chose to sell in the first place, and 4 Keys to Sales Freedom, which empowers salespeople to do the right things for the right reasons. The results speak for themselves: Terry Mullins has gone to the top of every sales organization he's joined, and he's done it by firmly rejecting the old ways of selling. Terry has embraced the power of The Reluctant Salesman process, and now he's teaching that same process to standing-room only audiences in the UK.

Protecting Time® is the exclusive American Master Licensee for The Reluctant Salesman. The Reluctant Salesman license is perfect for coaches, trainers and facilitators in the United States, and includes sample deliverables, access to printed seminar handouts, a detailed delivery and facilitation guide, background material and more. As more new The Reluctant Salesman products and deliverables are released, you'll have licensed access to those as well.

If you're tired of looking at The Reluctant Salesman every time you look in the mirror, you need to change your approach. Tell your clients about the only new professional development idea in the past 50 years, and turn the key to developing their sales potential ... and yours.

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